10,000 steps. A newly acquired Fit-Bit?? Nope. Today, Team “Grover” enrolled for the Chicago Multiple Sclerosis Walk, our annual outing now for the past 5 years. Members of my family and I will assemble the first Sunday in May at Grant Park with a cast of thousands to participate for a cause…. finding a cure for this life altering autoimmune disease. As a sea of orange embarks on their trek, pledgers are kept focused on their dedicated vision. Spirits are high, laughter fills the air, and twinkles of hope are ever present.  While mentally anticipating this newfound family tradition, shadows of a young mother gently rocking her infant son dance in my memory. As this now grown man courageously journeys through his daily path, will he enjoy a lifetime of dances?  10,000 steps. If wishes do come true, each step taken will open up endless possibilities for him and others.



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  1. Beautiful short, yet touching slice filled with much emotion and hope. Please let me know how to donate to the cause. How wonderful that you have a team of family to help “walk you through” this not-so-fun journey. Good luck and many prayers!


  2. This piece was so touching. I envisioned you rocking your son as a young baby and then seeing him now as a grown man with hopes and possibilities ahead. Well written – with such HEART. That’s the key to great writing – you’ve got it here for sure!!


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