For the past 2 years, the house across the street from our school has been empty.  We are assuming a foreclosure took place because the house has not been tended to for quite some time.  Early one morning last week, I heard the buzzing of a saw, looked out my window,  noticed several 4 x4 trucks parked in front of this house and the dilapidated front door swung open.  Men were walking in and out carrying out what appeared to be contents of the house………..old furniture, bags and bags and bags of trash, moldy insulation, jig-sawed dry board, rotted pieces of wood and 2 by 4’s,  and so on.  To my delight, renovations were finally taking place!!!!  No longer, I hope, will the house across the street be an eyesore that I have to see every day.  The team has been going to town working on the inside and outside of this house.  Last Thursday and Friday, the humming of an enormous chain saw could be heard all day long echoing throughout the neighborhood….the sound piercing our ears when we walked outside.  Workers were cutting down, one branch at a time, a tree on the front yard that no longer was breathing life. I couldn’t help but wonder why not just take out the tree with one move???  I assume there was a valid reason.  I am quite proud of the grounds of my school and the surrounding neighborhood.  Finally, this house is not going to stick out like it doesn’t belong.  A huge part of me would love to ask for a tour when the work is completed. I am imagining beautiful craftsmanship. But I am more anxious to see who is actually going to be our new neighbors who will  take pride in their new home.


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  1. There you go again, Mary. Living life like a writer! Paying such close attention to the details! I was smelling the craftsmanship of the wood, as you wrote about it. Keep us posted on your new neighbors!!


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