While supervising my third grade students during testing today, I suddenly wondered “How did the past 6 years fly by so quickly?”  Over half of these students I have known since they were 3 years old. When we see children every day, we don’t realize how much they change in all aspects of development. Through my eyes, they are still the innocent little ones who first gingerly tip-toed through Spaulding School’s doors. I am so fortunate to have had the honor of watching them flourish. I will have bid  fare-well to them this year. They will be attending 4th grade at another school in our District. I realize all principals, no matter the grade structure of their school, have to face this separation. For me, always bittersweet.  I silently celebrate when I notice the higher accomplishments they achieve throughout the remainder of their elementary years.  For now, I will treasure their presence until June and cherish the moments we have remaining.


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