Coming up with a slice today is a bit of a struggle, so I will go with what I have been thinking about today.  I know it isn’t anything really exciting, so here goes……the warmer weather.  And it comes to mind today as I have been greeting and dismissing students.  I sense that parents and kids are in a happier mood when the weather is not as severe.  I have the opportunity every day to see almost all students in the morning when parents drop them off for school.  I also have the pleasure of  speaking and sharing a warm smile with parents, other relatives, and even petting the family dog.  For me, this is an important part of my job, and one that I look forward to each morning and afternoon.  I enjoy chatting with my families.  These occasions allow me to get to know the families on a one-to-one basis and celebrate with them birthdays, new births of siblings, or even wishing them well after an illness.  I feel this connection is vital to the success of our school community. I do greet and dismiss in below zero weather, but anyone who knows me could tell you, warm…even hot…weather is definitely more my style.


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  1. Mary this is so relevant to this week and today! I completely agree with how much easier the warm weather makes our life. When it’s cold everyone wants to hurry along. When it’s warm(er) people tend to linger awhile. Even the dogs!!


  2. It was such a pleasant day and at dismissal the parents stayed and chit chatted with each other instead of dashing to their cars to get out of the cold. I hope this weather is here to stay. It truly does make everyone a little happier.


  3. I, too, am loving the warmer weather. I have plans to take my daughter to a playground tomrorow to celebrate!

    I can understand, as a Midwesterner, how you must be loving the warmer weather. I had some consulting work out there in Jan. and Feb. I flew into O’Hare the week it was -27 degrees below zero (with the wind chill factor). I’ve never been that cold in my life!


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