Man’s best friend???? Woman’s best friend????  I would be referring to our wonderful canine companions, yet questioning how their friendship is supposed to relieve some of the stress in our lives.  This thought comes to me today as my sister is awaiting the results from an ortho surgeon after falling down a flight of stairs attempting to help her Airedale who is recovering from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on his foot. As the saying goes…misery loves company and apparently Newton the wonder Airedale did not want to leave my sister out of all the fun. If I had to ask my sister, (give her a week or two), she would definitely agree that dogs truly are man’s/woman’s best friend.  She couldn’t live without Newton regardless of the little bumps and bruises we have to jump over in our daily lives.


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  1. Newton the wonder Airedale?! Ha ha ha! Although I’m laughing at your word choice, I’m not laughing at your sister’s fall! Oh my! I hope she has a speedy recovery. And I bet you’re right… no love lost for her dog. 🙂


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